Corporate Event Planners in Bangalore

We at Event-U-All, provide innovative solutions to your events, and take it to Perfection. At the same time we are a Quality focused company.Corporate events, like any social events, are becoming more about the experiences, themes and interaction. Corporate events are moving towards more exotic venues, entertainment and themes that make it memorable for the attendees for ages.

According to corporate event planners in Bangalore, these are the hot new design trends in corporate events:

Exotic venues: If you can have destination weddings, why not conferences, seminars and workshops? Nobody wants boring hotel ballrooms any more. Museums, art galleries, aquariums, architectural spaces, landmarks – you name it; anything that feels unique and fun, and makes for an interesting backdrop is welcome. Local attractions that showcase what’s special in the region are the most preferred venues.

Colour it in: Gone are the days of white tablecloths and muted colours for the theme. Today’s attendees want pizzazz, and bold color themes are a must. Any event management company in Bangalore and they will tell you that metallic and jewel tones are all the rage, with shades of green preferred when the theme is earth friendly.

Dining Options: Sit down dinners with liveried waiters serving the guests is passé. Long cocktail and banquet tables, food islands and buffets are increasingly accisotret.com becoming popular as such seating and dining arrangements help guests interact and network with each other and with speakers.

Up the Tech: Thanks to the explosion of internet and Smartphone use, almost everyone is tech savvy today. Allow attendees to select their food options via tablets specially provided to them for the purpose. Use funky festival type lighting and AV effects at dinner or during the entertainment to create a fun and exciting atmosphere. Real time social media updates, drone cameras, virtual reality booths – all help generate a great deal of excitement.

Exciting experiences: Professionals organizing corporate events in Bangalore say that today’s corporate event guest is highly discerning, and demands a ‘never before’ experience every time. Fire eaters, go karting, illusionists and mentalists, lounge areas, wine or whiskey tasting, interactive photo booths, performances by celebrities – the sky is the limit.

As all corporate event organizers in Bangalore know, corporate events are held mainly for two reasons: to keep employees happy and loyal, or to impress clients, retain them and expand customer base. Either way, the more innovative thinking that goes into the organizing of your event, the more dazzling your event will be, and the more memorable, and the more talked about it will be.

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