Goodbye, Kids Table: Events for Children Feature Grown-up Menus

The great divide between menu choices for adults and kids is gone. Today, events offer fantastic food for all ages. Straight-from-the-steakhouse steak, or how about a ramen station?
But today, “That type of menu has become almost obsolete,” Feldman says. “Kids are becoming more interested in eating different, more upscale foods, which has resulted in creating menus where everyone is welcome to eat everything.”

“It valdiazep.com isn’t often a client will step out of the box for a kids party with an entirely ethnic menu,” adds Heidi Brice, director of catering for Orlando, Fla.-based Puff ‘N Stuff Catering and Events. “However, they may incorporate a popular ethnic dish such as pad thai or sushi that kids have become acclimated to.”

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