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How to Plan a Special Birthday Party for your Kids at Bangalore ? - Event U All

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Birthdays are always special and a sure reason to celebrate. And they way we see it, it's probably the first big event of our life or your kid's life.

So what do you need to do to throw a nice party?

I'd clearly categorize into 4 types of Birthday, totally dependent on your pockets. They are.

  1. Budget Birthday - 10k - 12k

  2. Affordable Birthday - 12k-15k

  3. Affordable Premium Birthday - 15k - 25k

  4. Premium Birthday- 25k onwards

Surprisingly, you can work in these budgets even with a birthday party planner like us.

1. Budget Birthday

Any small birthday party having more than 20-25 people with food and decor could easily cost you about 10k to 12k approximately.

First things First, Get your guest list ready, keeping in mind your cutting 'rules' and last minute 'add-ons'.

Second, If you're spending on Balloons, cake, decor, and attire - Why not coordinate it? Meaning: Think of a theme without actually having a theme such as Gold & Black, Red & White, Blue & White, Gold & pink, Shades of Blue, Shades of Pink. Oh! there are so many to imagine. Ask your birthday planner to work around a Color theme within your budget for you!

For a budget birthday, you can have a simple birthday or drape backdrop, balloons, buntings as your decor with a nice fondant birthday cake, and some music.

Some ready-made cutouts - Your planner will have some readymade-reusable stuff ready. Ask for the list of that and pick a suitable set.

2. Affordable Birthday

It is a budget birthday but you actually don't mind spending that extra 3-4k on something. We suggest planning a bit more on decors such as having a nicer backdrop and add two photo props or include all of your leftover money in small giveaways for the kids or the guests.

I remember celebrating a 14-year girl's birthday during this lockdown, which had around 10 of her friends and their folks, We made a cute little bag personalized with 'Instagram' theme and added colorful masks, gloves, small personalized sanitizer to it. Not to mention birthday balloons, birthday cake, birthday decorations, birthday freebies.

Something which they can reuse immediately and something which mattered. The girl loved the personalization on the bag and sanitizer with her Instagram handle.

3. Affordable Premium Birthday

Any satisfying birthday would have you spend about 15k to 25k depending on your liking of the decor. Generally, any standard birthday would have a cake cutting session and disperse for birthday food. Although you are booking the venue for good 5-6 hours, you have nothing to do for more than an hour. That's when we come in and suggest keeping some birthday activities for kids along with some hors d'oeuvres(Small eats).

We can add some cake table props and a couple of personalized cutouts.

Enhance the decor with pompoms, hanging birthday florals, birthday candles, Name cutouts, and photographs of the kid and families.

4. Premium Birthday

I have worked with clients even for birthdays who have upfront said, plan the event in a grand way, I don't have a budget issue. But I need it to be perfect. Although birthday balloons were mandatory, we recreated the birthday backdrop with drapes, hangings.

The theme was as bizarre as 'The Turkish King' - curated with Gold and Red. Every element on the cake table was either handcrafted or handpicked. From the gold plated vase to gold cards and gold coins.

Another such birthday theme was 'Mermaid' for a 5-year-old girl. We had everything from origami flowers to Wooden cartons to mermaid cupcakes to birdcages added to the decor.

'Sparkling' was the word that came out of the client's mouth when they first saw the cake table. We were overjoyed and enthralled with the response. But, all that comes in when you've open pockets and know how to spend it exactly on the right things.

However, it was not just the decor. We helped the client arrange some nice birthday games for the crowd- be it all ages, and some short eats to keep themselves busy along with the emcee to bring in some live fun and an obvious bouncy castle and ball pit for the toddlers and the infants.

Some of the birthday activities which we can throw in like tattoo artists, caricature artists, pottery, nail art, hair braiding, and much more.

Contemplating and Curating the birthday parties irrespective of the budget is what Event-U-All specializes in. Our ultimate goal is for you to have fun and think of us again when you think of any event.

Therefore, reach us out at or or visit and leave your requirements on for any small/big birthday or personal party arrangements.

We like to customize and personalize even the tiniest thing possible and give you the best possible experience while making it value for money spent.

Written by Rashmi Dandeen, Event Manager, Wedding Associate, Personal Party Planner.

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