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Impact of Corona Virus on the Events & Entertainment Industry

Coronavirus, which has caused the disease called Covid-19, has practically shut down the entire planet. Governments are implementing the self-quarantine with the utmost strictness. Which means, people are stuck inside their homes for extended periods of time without any real outlet. While all industries are affected by this global lockdown, the event industry has faced one of the biggest impacts.

The Impact

  • Events are getting pushed to next year and some organizers are even taking a safe play by postponing their events to 2022.

  • All major events, music festivals, shows etc. are most likely to get cancelled for this calendar year.

  • Corporate events are also going to be heavily impacted by this, as businesses are looking to not indulge in activities are involve a large gathering of people.

While governments around the globe are doing their best to contain the spread of this virus, event companies are adapting to this situation and coming up with unique ways to engage their customers and are ensuring events are conducted without any mass gatherings. That’s where Online/Virtual engagements come into play. Through the help of modern technology and the internet, event managers are trying to provide some sort of relief and engagement through online engagements.

What are Online Engagements?

Online engagements involve individuals and/or groups to come together to do various types of activities. The great factor about online engagements is that unlike in-person events, online events can take place at multiple locations at the same time. This makes it ideal for event managers to engage customers by providing interactive engagements.

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